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Adelbert Stifter

Adelbert Stifter was an Austrian writer and painter of the Biedermeier period. He is best known for his descriptions of nature and rural life. That theme and his relationship with nature are what Stifter's style of poetry is about.

In his poems, Stifter used simple, plain language and precise observation to describe the beauty and simplicity of life in the countryside. His poetry provides a quiet, almost meditative mood that invites readers to appreciate nature and its beauty.

Another characteristic of Stifter's work was his adoration of detailed description. Stifter usually described small things like the singing of a bird, the flowing of a stream, or the rustling of the wind through the leaves to give a detailed and authentic description of nature.

Stifter's poems were also often marked by a certain melancholy and wistfulness brought on by contemplating the beauty and transience of nature. Some of his poetic work also dealt with love, friendship, and death, which he described with the same sensitivity and power of observation as he did nature.

Stifter's lyric style was characterized by a love of nature and transparent, simple language, often accompanied by a quiet, meditative mood.

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