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Everything was told before

A Poem about the toldbeforeness of all elements of poetry

Every Rhyme, been before each verse, term and phrase

All seen from peel to core owt storyline from ground to lace.

toldbeforeness beforeness poetry
told before - poem about the toldbeforeness

Every verse, rhyme or story sometimes seems to have been told before because many themes and ideas are timeless. The human experience, emotions, relationships and conflicts repeat themselves to some extent over time. Therefore, many stories may resemble each other or draw on similar elements. An old quotation mentions "There is nothing new under the sun."

But even though stories may be similar, each narrative is unique because of the way it is presented: the author's style, perspective, characters, details and nuances make all the difference. Creativity makes it possible to reinterpret old stories or add new elements that give them freshness and originality.

It's like a painting: many artists paint landscapes, but each painting is still individual through the brushstroke, the choice of colour and the artist's interpretation.

The feeling that everything has already been told can sometimes be discouraging, but it also encourages you to tell your own stories in a unique way and to shape them with your own creative vision. Some poets are going into neologism poetry, to avoid the toldbeforeness, beforeness, of their works.

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