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Fairystory "Märchen des Eiferers"

The tale of the zealot

"Been with you for a long time but long before that. We have washed me round the world; winds whirled into sky braids, We have painted storms over me. Long since with thee, guardians of discord, Sirens of the sun's noise, Lashes dip from the firmament, And land on the three isles. "

"Silence, zealot!

I am building my hut,

till my field.

My walls keep cold,

the floors dream of annual fruit,

I also know, Zealot, that you are afraid of the smallest thing."

"Where is the smallest? How does it try to stop me? Do you see how the well opens? I am granted a short time, out of the woods the muses' thirst for predators will rise, out of the dunes vipers. I am granted a moment to watch the fool painting the cube, together with me and me and me."

Chapter 2: The three sisters.

"Oh, fruit ice cream. Enjoy yourselves."

"Thank you Zealot"

"Pssst...between you and me. Do you know that your other two sisters want to poison you?"

"Nonsense, I don't think so"

"So your doubts about me are more important to you than your life?"

"No. Let me explain..."

The zealot smiles.

More about the "Märchen des Eiferers" you find on Zustandsdichtung's Insta or upcoming books.

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