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Günter Grass

Günter Grass was a German author known for his politically engaged and critical poetry. His poem style speaks clear and precise language and prefers unusual metaphors.

In his poems, Grass often focused on political and social issues, such as war, violence, environmental pollution, or the division of Germany. The poet used clear and understandable language to obtain his messages and provoke readers.

Another characteristic of Grass's poetry style was his use of distinctive metaphors and images to express complex ideas and emotions. He often used humorous and ironic imagery to comment on and criticize political and social ills.

Grass's poems were also often marked by a deep emotionality. He often described human themes such as love, loss, or loneliness with powerful empathy and sensitivity.

Clear and precise language, unusual metaphors, and a substantial emotional impact characterise his poetry style. His poems were often politically engaged and critical but humorous and ironic, challenging readers to reflect on the world and strive for change.

Günther Grass also wrote love poems like "Love" - "Cherries" - "Blood corpuscles".

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