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German poem - 1000 year old friend

This poem is about a theme that often appears in Zunstandsdichtung, old trees.

In this case, it is the 1000-year-old oak tree of Bad Blumau in Styria.

The German poem is translated as follows:

My 1000 year old friend, from Langenwang I walked here, so now I stand before you.

Millennial beauty, adorned with rings, as a deoxyribonucleic acid us, holding branch and arm, here in Bad Blumau in Styria. Soon, we will go back

from whence I came. Desirably, my writing can bring the day, the dream, into lines, dear oak tree with a thousand rings. Your soul may sing to you, verse by verse, a minstrel song.

The message of the poem: Like all of Zunstandsdichtung's three poems, it's about ageing, and this in a glorifying way. It is meant to be a counterbalance to the youth craze. Zustandsdichtung calls old trees slow-agers and, therefore, queens of time, beautiful like youth and mature like old age.

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