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How to post poetry on Instagram?

If you are looking for poetry tips for Instagram (June 2023, later algorithms and TOS not included), here are some ideas that can help you better showcase your poetry on the platform:

Short poems: Since Instagram is a visual platform, short poems are more effective because they are quick to read and easy to share. Focus on verses that are concise and meaningful.

Images or backgrounds: Choose appealing images or backgrounds that complement your poetry. It can be an appropriate image that reflects your mood or the theme the poem is about or a simple background that brings focus to the text.

Hashtags: Use relevant hashtags to share your poetry with a broader audience. Use popular poetry hashtags like #poetrycommunity, #instapoetry, #poemoftheday, etc. This will help reach more people who are interested in poetry.

Interaction: Be active in the Instagram poetry community by following other poets, commenting on their posts and interacting with them. This can help you build an engaged fan base and get new inspiration.

Consider captions: Take time to accompany your poems with carefully chosen captions. These can include additional information, background stories, or simply a brief statement about the poem.

Aesthetic layout: Make sure the layout of your Instagram page is aesthetically pleasing. A thoughtful and consistent look will help give a professional impression and better showcase your poetry.

Videos or audio: Experiment with different formats like videos or audio to bring your poetry to life. You could film yourself reciting your poetry or add background music to create an emotional atmosphere.

Story updates: Use Instagram Stories to share short teasers of your poems or to interact with your community in real-time. You could also ask questions or conduct polls to increase engagement with your followers.

Collaborations: Consider collaborating with other poets or artists on Instagram. Collaborative projects or mutual performances can help expand your reach and bring new perspectives to your poetry.

Authenticity: Stay true to yourself and share poems reflecting your experiences and feelings. Instagram is a platform where people seek real connections, so be open, honest and vulnerable in your poetry.

These tips help you successfully share your poetry on Instagram. Have fun writing and sharing! State of research June 2023.

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