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Noise Music and Noise Poetry

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Noise poetry or noise music? Descend by Alleinssei

You know noise music, but how about its brother craft, noise poetry?

Noise music is an experimental genre focused on incorporating noise as an essential element of music. Unlike other musical genres that attempt to polish and smooth sound, noise music strives to create raw, abrasive, and often chaotic sounds.

The same applies to noise poetry, as seen in this short clip by Alleinssei. Noise music has its roots in the experimental music of the 1950s and the 1960s, when musicians began to play traditional instruments in unusual ways and to use electronic sound generators. In the 1980s, noise music developed into a distinct genre as artists such as Merzbow, Whitehouse, and Throbbing Gristle began to create radical and often disturbing sounds.

Today, noise music is performed by various artists in many different styles and subgenres. Some artists use feedback, distortion, and other effects to manipulate the sounds of guitars and other instruments, while others use electronic sound generators such as synthesizers and drum computers.

Noise music is a genre known for its extreme and experimental nature. It is not for all tastes, but it can be a fascinating and often moving experience for those who like it.

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