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For those with an interest in German poetry, "PantheonPoets" is an English-language educational site which contains a variety of interesting German material. Each poem is read in the original, accompanied by a new translation into English. Poems featured range from work by Paul Celan and Rainer Maria Rilke to classics by Goethe and Schiller. There are eight passages from Schiller's free translation of the stories of the fall of Troy and of Dido and Aeneas from the Aeneid of Virgil, dating to the first century BCE. PantheonPoets consider this an exceptionally fine Virgil translation, though it is little known among modern German speakers compared with Schiller's more famous works. The main focus of is on ancient poetry in Latin or Greek, and the site contains a very wide range of such material, also performed in the original and newly translated into English, in addition to German (and some French) poems. Got to PantheonPoets

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