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Poem Onlyyoumayness

The intersection of two rarelynesses had joy-tearly created you.

This short poem, quote or saying has proved extremely popular on Instagram.

Whether this is due to the love-deterministic character, the drawing or the high state density of word reuse remains to be seen. Nurduseikönnung is also known as the most emotional tongue twister. Thematically, it ties in with the poem about the equalising variable.

At first glance, the poem "Nur-Du-sei-Könnung" appears to be very concise and succinct. The appeal and beauty of poems are often subjective and can be influenced by various factors. Here are a few reasons why this poem might be appealing:

Concise expression: The brevity and clarity of the poem can create a deep emotional resonance. Sometimes a few words can say a lot and make a powerful impact.

Figurative language: Although the poem is very concise, it seems to contain metaphorical elements that stimulate the reader's imagination. Words such as "intersection of two scarcities" could lead the reader to ponder the meaning and possible interpretations.

Emotional depth: Despite the brevity of the poem, it appears to have emotional depth, particularly through the expression of joy ("had joyfully offered Thee"). This can lead readers to connect with the emotions of the poem.

Openness to interpretation: The concise nature of the poem leaves room for interpretation and allows each reader to draw their own meaning from it. It encourages reflection and can evoke different emotions or thoughts in different people.

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