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Rhyme Schemes

The history of poetry is an ocean of various rhyme schemes.

It is challenging to pinpoint one particular scheme as the most commonly used. However, some rhyme schemes have been prevalent and frequently used.

One of the most common rhyme schemes is the pair rhyme (aabb). In this, two consecutive verses are rhymed at a time, and the rhyme scheme is repeated alternately. This scheme was used in multiple poems and songs and is still popular today.

Another commonly used rhyme scheme is the embracing rhyme (abba). In this, the first and fourth verses and the second and third verses are rhymed. Readers find this scheme in many sonnets and other forms of poetry.

The cross-rhyme scheme (abab) is also widely used. Here, the first and third verses and the second and fourth verses are rhymed alternately. This rhyme scheme is often used in ballads and folk songs.

Many other rhyme schemes have been and are used in poetry. The choice of rhyme scheme often depends on the style of the poem, the era, or the language. It is important to note that rhyme schemes may have changed over time and in different cultural contexts.

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