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Robert Burns

Robert Burns, also known as the "National Poet of Scotland", was an essential 18th-century Scottish poet. His poetry style is influenced by Scottish folk poetry and has strongly affected Scottish culture and language.

A characteristic of Burns' poetry is his usage of the Scots dialect, which gives his poetry an authentic and folksy touch. He often uses the Scots language to describe everyday life and the Scottish landscape in his poetry.

Another characteristic of Burns' poetry is its emphasis on love and life, as well as its sense of humour and satire. His poems are often shot through with an ironic note that spurs fun at the lives of ordinary people.

Burns' poetry is also characterized by a vigorous rhythm and a musical quality evident in his famous songs such as "Auld Lang Syne" and "My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose". Many of his poems later became traditional Scottish songs.

Overall, Burns' poetry is characterized by a folksy style, an emphasis on love and life, a funny touch, and a musical quality. His poetry holds an important place in Scottish culture and remains very popular to this day.

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