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Satire in Poetry

Everyday satire of German-language poetry

Lately, Zustandsdichtung has been targeting loud busybodies in particular.

Tell us more, we have time

The person's story is fascinating, detailed, long and unperturbed by the queue of people behind them at the checkout. You don't want to swap, it's much nicer to listen in with a full shopping trolley, spellbound by the time.

Who with whom, on which days, how interesting!

Poem about a very common situation when I'm in a hurry. The private life shouters and the restaurant table "Does everyone hear me anyway?" Typos, are in the Tad, very fascinating people.

Parts of the poem: "Tell me more, we have time"

Nouns: person, queue of people, checkout, shopping trolley, restaurant table, people.

Verbs: tell, tantalises, swap, spellbound, time-worn, shout along.

Adjectives: Fascinating, detailed, long, full, interesting, often.

Pronouns: us, we, us, you.

Adverbs: more, very, not, much, now, not, very.

Conjunctions: and, from, to, like, with.

Prepositions: from, about, in, on.

Interjections: ach.

Articles: die, der.


There are various rhymes in the text, both end rhymes and internal rhymes

Another german poem about a similar issue is "The sad braggart"

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