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secretum formica

Do thou see sé old tree,

surrounded by those fireflies?

Do thou know its name?

It is sé "Pine of Fame".

The envy of the flowers lies

in glowworm's popularity.

But they will not feel and see,

like the pine, that does not give a dime.

The tree could feel sorry for their glory

since they have no secrets any more.

The beauty giant is insteading at the ground,

there is the pretty ant he found.

Loved by his thousand-year-ringed heart,

"The unknown ant does really guard

her secrets for herself or special friends,

instead of millions of fans.

secretum formica tree
pine tree of secretum formica though a younger version

The poem "secretum formica", translated as "secret ant",

is said by some to be highly critical of pop culture and fame.

According to Zustandsdichtung it is not against any human.

"The poem may express only critic about star-cults and over-youthism ideologies. Also, many well-known people do excellent things. It is the fame culture that the poem makes fun of.

Humans are humans, and they are all beautiful in their way.

Let us see everything with a smile."

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