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Senryū & Haiku

Senryū and Haiku, two japanese short poem styles compared. The senryū is a Japanese poetic form very similar to haiku. Senryū is more concerned with feelings, whereas haiku is about landscapes, mountains, rivers, and nature. There was once a poet named Karai Senryū (aka Hachiemon) in Japan in the 18th century. The style of Senryu is derived from him. The verses are written one below the other. Both forms of poetry, senryū and haiku, each have three parts, of five, seven and five units, which are also called mores. Most syllables count more, namely by consisting of an initial consonantal sound followed by a short vowel. Senryū has only recently become famous around the world. Haiku and senryū are often confused. Examples: Haiku (trovecy haiku) Come on, it will be found two in front, one to the side Dig here now Senryū "Walk to the bus I already feel so exhausted the door closes"

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