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The sad braggart

The the german satirical poem the sad braggart consists of following words:

Nouns: women, decibel, table, communication vanities, mouth, halls, soul wound.

Verbs: drove, beguiled, call, bang.

Adjectives: fast, last, midlife-pubescent, senseless.

Pronouns: I.

Numbers: 1000, 100.

The text also uses internal rhymes and end rhymes to create a sonorous and rhythmic effect.

It is about a person who tells the whole world how great he is. The english version wont rhyme.

"I drove 1000 times as fast!

Can beguile 100 women at the same time"

So shout 1000 decibels,

Even the last table must hear!

Communication vanities pop

from midlife-pubescent mouths,

to the far reaches of all halls,

from a senseless soul wound.

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