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William Blake

William Blake was an English poet and artist considered one of the most influential exponents of English Romanticism. His poetry style is complex and experimental, often symbolic and mystical.

Characteristic of Blake's poetry is his use of images and symbols, often of a mystical or religious nature. His poems often combine the divine with the human and show

a deep connection to nature and spirituality.

Blake's language is often very graphic and metaphorically expresses feelings and emotions. He frequently uses unusual comparisons and figurative language, which make his works particularly expressive and haunting.

Another characteristic of Blake's poetry is its emphasis on imagination and imagination. He challenges the reader to use their imagination and creativity to unlock the meaning of his poems.

All in all, a deep spirituality, complexity and solid pictorial language characterize Blake's poetry. His work is still essential to English poetry today and influences many contemporary poets.

An accessible, humorous and empathetic style characterizes, all in all, Billy Collins's poetry. His poems often look playful yet profoundly at life and human nature.

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