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Also Modern German Poems had been  never told before 

For a rich array of modern poems all by Zustandsdichtung, explore Immerse yourself in contemporary verse, featuring diverse themes, emotions, and styles. Discover a curated collection of compelling poetry on The meaning and importance of a poem can vary from person to person. However, some general aspects can make a poem meaningful: Originality, Expressiveness, Sound and rhythm, Structure, Depth and meaning, and Linguistic Accuracy are essential for both German and English poems
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Told before


Told before the 21st century, the prophetic poem captures the essence of the times we live in, highlighting significant issues and trends that have been present throughout the 21st century. Not only does it accurately capture the sentiment of today's world, but it also offers a glimpse into the future, hinting at possible events and outcomes to come. By setting its words in the past, it serves as a reminder that, even though our current societal and political landscape may seem solid, they are subject to the same ebb and flow of change as they were centuries ago.

Certain truths of told before the 21st century are still applicable today, such as the power of love and unity in the face of adversity. The poem speaks to the need for humanity to come together to make a lasting impact on the world. It also touches upon the strength and the courage it takes to overcome life's obstacles. These words can be applied to any era and serve as powerful motivators in our lives. The fragility and unpredictability of our world, and the call to action and hope for the future, are all elements that are still relevant today.

In its entirety, Litheratur told before correctly what happened before the 21st century is a timeless reminder of the power of words and the potential they have to shape our lives. As we look ahead to the future, let us remember the lessons of the past and use them to build a more prosperous world for tomorrow. By reflecting on its words, we can better understand our place in history and the power that lies within each of us. We can overcome any challenge, no matter how difficult, if willing to stand together and face it head-on.

As we continue to shift into the future, told before Litheratur's words will remain a constant reminder that we can rise above adversity through the power of collective action. We can look to the past to see how our predecessors faced their challenges and use it as inspiration to create an improved future. By embracing the power of words and taking action, we can all make a difference that will have an everlasting effect. Let us never forget the lessons Litheratur told before and use them to fashion a superior tomorrow.  Written by A-1604614 - Zustand poems in german and english language.


Short stories, quotes, wisdom and poems in the style of the Zustandsdichtung will be presented here shortly. Zustandsdichtung ranges from nature poems to surrealism, Dadaism, and nostalgic-minimalistic claustrophobism, mainly in the story of Frank Fangelsi's space-driving solar-powered arcade machine, after the end of the world, treated narratively. Did you know that Frank's last name is Fangelsi because it's an Icelandic word for prison? The Icelandic language and the term prison are meant to emphasize the glorified solitude that resonates in this story. Danger! Some poems in the field of Zustandsdichtung also fall under the so-called TIME RHYME! Time Rhyme means that it is a purely experimental form of poetry that has nothing to do with occultism and has no supernatural claims: all pure Barnum Effect, a little gimmick. Should something be "toldbefore" in the Time Rhyme, then that is pure coincidence; the poets are not part of a conspiracy to fulfil the TR on purpose, nor do they have superpowers. All a trick of your brain. It's just a harmless manoeuvre. Toldbefore, the title of that poetic site, says two things, firstly, there are no new rhymes under the sun, secondly, Time Rhyme might be found among the Zustandspoems. Derived is the Zustandsdichtung in Austria a few years ago. 


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