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Rainer Maria Rilke

is considered one of the most important German-language poets of the 20th century. His poetry style is very complex and changeable. He continued to develop throughout his work.

Rilke's early works are characterized by a romantic and symbolist language, often accompanied by a melancholy spirit. He closely relates to nature and combines it with his feelings and thoughts.

In later works, such as the "Duino Elegies" and the "Sonnets to Orpheus", Rilke's poetry becomes more abstract, and there is an increased affinity between philosophy and poetry. A mystical and spiritual dimension often permeates his language.

Another aspect of Rilke's poetry is his sense of imagery and metaphor. He often uses unusual comparisons and pictorial language, making his works haunting and expressive.

Overall, Rilke's poetry is characterized by great sensitivity, a close connection to nature, complexity and strong imagery. His work is still essential for German poetry and influences many contemporary poets.

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